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What is the Filamass project?

Filamass is a filament holder peripheral device, which serves live data about the quantity our raw material, besides which it also monitors the printing process. It can diagnose the three most common errors:

 – clogging

 – breakage

 – material runout during print

When the error is diagnosed it pauses the printing process and sends a message to the user about the error.

Its advantage is that it not only spares time, resources, raw material and money for the user, but also improves the user experience and efficiency surrounding 3D printing, meanwhile we reduce the ecological footprint of the FDM technology-based machine.


Our Vision

Introduction of the “Industry 4.1” standard, where besides digitalization we encourage users to apply environmentally conscious production.

Our Goal

Reducing the ecological footprint of 3D printing.


What we can offer?

3D printing

Professional printing with the application of FDM and DLP technology.

Product Design

Design of sheet metal and plastic products.
Preparation of technical documentation.

Product manufacturing

Small batch production.
Prototype production for casting technology.


Application of 3D printing technology in industry for engineers and industrial players.
Introduction to 3D printing for students, curious people, and those wishing to familiarize themselves with additive technology.


Testing of additive technology machines, peripherals and raw materials with a university research background and relevant technical feedback.


Professional advice on 3D printing processes (online or personal consultation available).

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Who we are?

László Szűcs
Founder, Tech lead


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